2019 is almost here. But before that ball drops, we’re taking some time to reflect on the past year and the content that our readers loved. After reviewing all of our articles, we put together this list of our 25 most popular posts:

5 cool photo apps to make your images pop — Want to incorporate a few striking images into your next email, blog post or Facebook update? You don’t have to purchase expensive photo-editing software to create images that pop. Here, we showcased our favorite photo apps.
5 event ideas that attract customers — Events are a great way for small businesses to build relationships with longtime customers and attract new prospects. In this article, we shared five creative ideas to help readers start planning their business’s big day.
5 tips for creating a sense of urgency in your writing and emails — Generating interest in your products or services is only half the battle. How do you get your target audience to take action and make a purchase? We helped answer that question here.
10 crowdfunding websites every nonprofit should know — As crowdfunding has become increasingly popular, a number of great websites have popped up to help nonprofits raise money. Here, we gave a quick rundown of our top 10.
50 unique ideas for your next email — We all experience creative blocks from time to time. That must be why this article, which offered a year’s worth of unique email content ideas, was so popular with our readers.
You’re invited: 6 tips for creating attendance-boosting event emails — Email is one of the best ways for businesses to promote events. But your message has to hit all the right notes if you want a nice turnout. Here, we shared tips on creating click- and crowd-worthy email invitations.
50 summer subject lines + 3 tips for sunny copywriting — Our readers love a good seasonal subject line article. This one included three bonus copywriting tips to give those summer marketing emails an extra sunny boost.
It’s the law: 7 email marketing rules you should know — To make sure our readers never run afoul of the laws governing electronic communications, we reviewed the seven key components of the U.S. CAN-SPAM Act.
6 free SEO tools to boost your search engine rankings — Who wouldn’t want their website to reach the top of Google search results? We listed six SEO tools that can help time- and cash-strapped business owners improve their rankings.
How to create an effective small business advertisement — A lot of small business owners don’t have the cash or resources to have print ads professionally made. We explained how it’s possible to create effective ads on any budget and presented the guidelines and techniques needed to get the job done right.
10 questions to ask in your business demographics survey — Creating a survey is an excellent way to get valuable insights about your market and customers. This article listed the questions that should be included in demographics surveys.
29 ways to collect email addresses for your newsletter — A business can never have too many new email subscribers, which may explain why our readers loved these out-of-the-box list-building tactics.
5 ways to create added value for customers — Creating added value for customers can help distinguish a business from its competition. But what does it actually take to delight prospects? This article explained how to get started.
75 email newsletter content topics you can use ASAP — Newsletters help businesses stay in touch with customers and build relationships. Coming up with a constant stream of content, however, can be a challenge. To help readers who were short on topics, we brainstormed 75 ideas that can be used anytime, by anyone.
How to create a brilliant internal newsletter — Our readers wanted to know how to use email newsletters to connect with their employees. This article laid down the do’s and don’ts.
The surprisingly best times to send your email marketing campaigns — Making its way into the top 10 for the second year in a row, this article tackled the question on every marketer’s mind: When is the best time to send email?
10 retail marketing ideas to boost sales — With smart marketing, retailers can increase sales and build a loyal customer base. These 10 efficiency-boosting ideas were a hit this year.
50 all-time great retail subject lines — Consumers are inundated with marketing emails. To make sure your campaigns stand out, you need a great subject line — and this post featured 50 of the best.
7 tips to creating a memorable slogan — “Have it your way,” “I’m lovin’ it,” “Got milk?” — a memorable slogan can make your business shine. Here’s where our readers went to learn how to create their own unforgettable taglines.
Oops! What to do when email mistakes happen — From sending a message without a subject line to embarrassing typos, everyone’s had an email “oops” moment. These were the suggestions we gave to help you handle those mistakes.
10 examples of highly effective welcome emails — Dropping a few spots from last year — but still widely popular — is this post, which explained how to welcome new email subscribers and encourage them to engage with your business.
The top 20 places your business needs to be listed online — If you want new customers to find you online, making sure you’re listed in the top directories is essential. Our fourth most popular post went over the sites every business should focus their attention on.
The 9 types of emails your business should be sending — Rising two spots from last year, this article highlighted the 9 emails that every business should be sending to stay in customers’ minds.
20 powerful marketing words & phrases that sell or repel — Some words boost sales; others deflate sales. This year’s runner-up for most popular article showed readers how to distinguish between the two types.
30 magic marketing words — Our top post of the year brought the magic. This spellbinding list of words and phrases that can — and should — be used in emails, social posts, print marketing and website content to motivate consumers was the must-read of 2018.

While these were our top 25, all of our articles are designed to help you market your business more effectively. We may not know what 2019 has in store for us, but you can be sure that VerticalResponse will continue to bring you the tips, tools and information you need to grow your business.
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