Whether or not your life has been directly touched by gun violence, it’s likely you’ve endured that seemingly endless loop in which the school shootings, the news reports, the mourning and the varied responses from politicians and protesters play on repeat. Once the fervor around one incident dies down, you’re swept back in again with yet another headline.
The Parkland students behind March for Our Lives teamed up with pop artist Kesha, her brother Sage Sebert, McCann New York and Mill+ to bring this phenomenon to light in a powerful new music video, “The Most Vicious Cycle,” aimed at getting viewers to vote in the midterms on Nov. 6. Airing hourly today on MTV and MTVu, it leverages the now-familiar storytelling device of a Rube Goldberg machine to illustrate the seemingly hopeless chain of events around school shootings and gun violence.
It opens on a teenage girl walking through a school corridor, but her sunny demeanor quickly changes once the barrel of an AR-15 enters the frame. From there, bullets fire, setting off a mechanical reaction that travels through the halls—a teacher tries to shield his students, protest posters drop from the ceiling, memorials of those lost to shootings appear. Throughout, a pensive new track, “Safe,” written by Sebert in reaction to the Parkland shootings, plays.
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