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We Tasted 8 Hard Seltzers to Find the Perfect Summer Buzz

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With the sun about to set on the summer of 2019, we wanted to toast the drink of the season: hard seltzer. But with so many now on store shelves, how can you tell the difference between the refreshing and the revolting? Well, leave it to us. We gathered several Adweek staffers–some of whom have…
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New Showtime Series Looks at Personal Cost of Multilevel Marketing Companies

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Showtime is exposing the dark underbelly of multilevel marketing companies in its new comedy, On Becoming a God in Central Florida. Set in 1992, the show stars Kirsten Dunst as an Orlando-area water park employee making minimum wage who ascends the ranks of a multibillion-dollar pyramid scheme called Founders American Merchandise. To create the faux…
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Comscore and Hudson MX Team Up to Solve Local TV’s Slump

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Thanks to the advent of ad tech, fine-grained audience targeting is easier than ever before–and now it’s coming for local TV. Hudson MX, an ad-tech outfit focused on addressing local broadcasters, announced that it would partner with analytics provider Comscore to bring its targeting tech to the local market. Media buyers can plug Comscore’s data…
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Wow Your Crowd: The Recipe for Creating Exceptional Content Experiences

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Have you been to a stadium concert lately? The big ones touring the country tend to pull out all the stops. It’s not just a singer on stage — they are usually supported by a giant jumbotron as backdrop providing flashy visuals, along with fog machines, laser lights, platforms rising out of the ground, special guest cameos… the works. 

Why is this? Because the bar has been raised. When fans plunk down the big bucks for tickets to see Drake or Carrie Underwood or The Rolling Stones, they expect more than seeing their favorite artists performing on stage. They expect an unforgettable experience that stirs all the senses.


In content marketing, we see a continuing shift toward delivering full-on experiences. This emerging focus is evident in the steady growth of the term “content experience” in Google Trends over the past 10 years, and is now reaching a fever pitch as technology enables unprecedented sparkle and scintillation, while the shortening attention spans of our audience demand it. 

The theme for this year’s Content Marketing World extravaganza, as well as our interactive preview and the series of blog posts wrapping up today, all lead back to this crucial edict: elevating experiences and wowing the crowd. The good news is that there are endless ways to creatively approach this initiative, and today we’ll draw inspiration from CMWorld speakers who will be taking the stage next week in Cleveland to offer up some memorable experiences of their own.

3 Expert Tips on Stepping Up the Content Experience
#1 – Create Serial Content
It’s tempting to think about high-caliber content experiences in terms of pageantry and spectacle, but there are many simpler elements at play. Your audience wants content that it can contextualize, compartmentalize, and reliably look forward to. There’s a reason that almost every big Hollywood release these days is a spin-off, sequel, or reboot — viewers thrive on familiarity. For this reason, Jay Baer of Convince and Convert says serial content, steeped in quality and consistency, is a must.

“This aids in recognition and findability and taps into the truism that multiple exposures are often needed to drive behavior,” Jay explains. And he says another key is making this serial content as easy as possible for your audience to get to.

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There are any number of ways to serialize your content. Maybe it’s breaking a big idea up into a series of blog posts, dissecting various components. Maybe it’s a run of videos mirroring the format of a TV season. And of course, podcasts are gaining fast popularity as an inherently serial form of content. 

At TopRank Marketing, we’re all about serial content. You can reliably find our Digital Marketing News roundups (both blog and video) every Friday. Recently we’ve been running a Trust Factors series, examining the vital topic of trust in marketing from various angles. And in fact, you’re reading the final installment of a four-part series right now! Check out the previous “Wow Your Crowd” entries below: 

Wow Your Crowd: How Content Planning Sets the Stage for Unforgettable Experiences
Wow Your Crowd: How Content Marketers Can Create Powerful Audience Connections
Wow Your Crowd: How Influencers and Media Integrations Can Add Pizzazz to Your Content Act

#2 – Use Tools and Technology Thoughtfully
There are so many eye-catching technologies out there offering new ways to package and deliver content. But don’t be blinded by bells and whistles. Add-ons like interactivity only make sense if they actually serve a meaningful purpose. 

“The key for brands is to not just pursue these programs for the sake of doing it, or to ‘be cool,’ but to have a clear purpose and value-add,” says SAP’s Amisha Gandhi. 

For example, when scrolling through the Greatest Content Marketing Show on Earth experience created by TopRank Marketing and Content Marketing Institute, you’ll be able to play games like shoot-the-duck and bop-the-clown. But these interactive gamification elements weren’t just thrown in for the heck of it; they’re meant to play up the midway/carnival vibes of the asset (and this year’s CMWorld conference).

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#3 – Measure and Optimize
The trouble with all this talk about content experiences is that they can feel difficult to quantify and report on. I mean, how do you measure audience delight? What is the ROI of someone grinning with glee while bopping clowns on their browser?

To some degree, the benefits of a great experience are intangible, at least in the short-term. But we can still measure the impact by connecting consumption metrics with bottom-line results. 

“I think of content marketing metrics in two dimensions: Business outcomes (how content is contributing to the business) and engagement metrics (a proxy for how much the target audience likes the content),” says Chris White of Capital One. 

He breaks them down like this: 

Engagement Metrics: 

Total view time
Percent of target audience (in relation to total viewers)
Scroll depth
Bounce rate 

Business Outcomes

Brand awareness/consideration
Remarketing audience size
Web traffic
Customer behavior (e.g., retention, adoption rate, referrals, etc.)  

If you’re getting it right with customer experiences, you’ll see growth across all of these metrics over time. From our view at TopRank Marketing, engagement metrics and business outcomes (or proof of ROI) are among the seven essential elements for content marketing performance dashboard. Also included: benchmarks, goals, real-time KPI monitoring, traffic trends, and breakdowns by topic/persona.

[bctt tweet=”Every initiative is paired with a specific business outcome to evaluate performance. Although we keep tabs on engagement metrics, they do not dictate success by themselves. – Chris White of @CapitalOne on measuring content performance   ” username=”toprank”]
Experience Is Your Content Differentiator
Turn content experience into your competitive advantage. Create things that amaze your audience and leave them yearning for more. Utilize new trends and tech when appropriate to elevate your content. And, at all times, validate your efforts by measuring the right things and letting your customers dictate your direction.

Is it silly to think about content marketing on the same terms as stadium concerts? I’d say it’s silly not to. 

We’re counting down the days until the grand experience unfolds at Content Marketing World 2019 on Sept. 3, 2019 in Cleveland. Before then, you can find plenty more guidance on taking your programs to the next level in our interactive experience, The Greatest Content Marketing Show on Earth.

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KFC Sold Out of Its Meatless Chicken Nuggets and Wings in 5 Hours

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It only took a few hours on Tuesday for KFC to answer the question, “Will people buy chicken-free chicken?” Yes, yes they will. The one franchise in the Atlanta area that launched the faux-meat Beyond Fried Chicken sold out of its supply of nuggets and boneless wings just after lunch time. Customers had started arriving…
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Doritos Flexes Its Iconic Status By Dropping Its Name and Logo From Newest Ad Campaign

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Cord-cutting, ad blockers and incognito browsers are just some of the ways younger audiences are avoiding advertisements. As marketers look for new ways to get their brand names and logos in front of hard-to-reach Gen Z audiences, Doritos is trying something very different. Banking on the iconic status of both its product and packaging, the…
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Twitter’s Ad Network Is Waging a War Against Anatomy

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Twitter has let media buyers promote iffy content, including state-sponsored propaganda, overt white supremacy and obvious scams, in the past, but clinical references to women’s bodies apparently won’t get through. Per a recent tweet by New York Times contributor Jennifer Gunter, the platform refused to let her publisher run any ads with the word “vagina”…
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Popeyes Sells Out of Chicken Sandwiches, Putting Its Newfound Popularity at Risk

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Just as the emaciated steed of Famine follows closely behind the red stallion of War, so too are we now entering the next phase of the Chicken Sandwichpocalypse. Popeyes today announced that it has sold through its entire launch inventory of chicken sandwiches–which was supposed to be enough to last through September. That means that…
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This Former Ogilvy and Fallon Exec Is Starting a Recruiting Practice in Los Angeles

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Former Ogilvy and Fallon executive Mandana Mellano is opening a boutique talent and recruiting practice in Los Angeles. To take on traditional recruiting in the current age of marketing disruption, Peony will focus less on recruiting for scale or the current practices in serving C-level talent. “We can’t continue to hire talent in silos for…
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Wavemaker Retains $60 Million Chevron Global Media Account

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WPP’s Wavemaker has retained global media agency of record responsibilities for Chevron. “Chevron has extended its global strategic media and buying services partnership with Wavemaker for another three years,” a representative of the energy company confirmed to Adweek. The assignment follows a lengthy review process by the longtime WPP client. While the Chevron review was…
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